DttSP CVS Instructions

Last modified: Sun Mar 20 18:58:20 EST 2005


cvs checkout using:

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/dttsp checkout dttsp

to build:

in the pyhw directory simply run


in the jDttSP directory run

make mkchan ipc jsdr metermon

Windows using WinCVS

Download and install Download and install Python 2.4

Download and install Download and install WinCVS

Configure WinCVS by clicking on the admin preferences menu. The configure as below while modifying to suit your local conditions.

WinCVS Admin/Preferences/Global tab

WinCVS Admin/Preferences/CVS tab

WinCVS Admin/Preferences/WinCVS tab

To check the dttsp module click on the Remote/Checkout menu and fill in as below (FILL IN YOUR DESIRED PATH!). Once you click on OK, the download will proceed automatically and put the code in C:\dttsp unless you change the path.

WinCVS Remote

Windows build instructions will come as soon as we get all of the code up for CVS download